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Our Mission and History

Your Trusted Denver Chauffeur
Service Since 2002

At Cross Limo, your safety and comfort are our top priorities. 

For over 20 years, our clients and their families have trusted us to get them to their destinations safely.

We have helped many people with everything from birthdays to wedding days, and we are proud of the close relationships we've built along the way.
You can always expect a friendly experience where your needs come first.

Cross Limo provides a clean, comfortable, and luxurious experience with professional and safe chauffeurs you can trust.

We are committed to continually raising the bar higher for ourselves in our mission to provide the best quality of service for you.

20+ Years of Going the Extra Mile


First Vehicle

Dominic, owner and operator of Cross Limo, bought the company's first Town Car in 2002, which he took great pride in keeping meticulous care of for the benefit of his customers.

As a result of his unmatched quality and service, he was able to thrive in the industry and invest back into the company to expand and help even more people.

Fleet Expansion

Over the next 10 years, Dominic expanded his enterprise and was able to invest in several more vehicles to add to his fleet to offer a greater variety of experiences to his clients.

Managing multiple vehicles and finding drivers that were up to his standards was challenging, but Dominic continually found new ways to improve the experience for each and every passenger.

Introduction of Charter Coach Rental Service

In order to help people who have large group transport needs, Cross Limo expanded into providing a charter coach rental service. 

These spacious and comfortable charter coaches are the newest addition to our fleet, capable of transporting up to 56 people with plenty of breathing room.

We are excited to help larger group events get to their destinations with less stress and confusion and just focus on the moment while we focus on getting everyone there safely.
2024 and Beyond
Moving the Bar Higher
We have plans to continually expand our fleet and service selection to provide value to you in new and exciting ways.

Cross Limo has served the Denver area for over 20 years with pride and will continue to set higher and higher standards for ourselves in our service to you. 

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